28 April 2021
Los Angeles, CA

Senay Kenfe on Mutual Aid

Senay Kenfe prompted by Koumbah Semega-Janneh

Senay Kenfe on setting up a community fridge. Source: A Club Called Rhonda

What even is mutual aid? We talked to Senay Kenfe, a Long Beach native who set up a community fridge, got shut down and kept it moving with a new way to do communal housing. He’s already set up a housing association in his own neighbourhood, and is working to bring this economic model to every state across the U.S. From micro to macro we talk (re)building Black economies and communities from the ground up.

Senay Kenfe is a photographer, musician, writer and community organizer native to Long Beach, California. Over the last 15 years he’s collaborated with artists around the world as a member of local hip hop act The Natives, as well as worked on projects from documenting the graffiti scene in Brazil and Egypt to leading clean water filtration projects in Ethiopia.

Senay Kenfe ︎
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