23 March 2021 

Senegalese Mbalax Legend Thione Seck Joins the Ancestors

Thione Seck has joined the Ancestors at 66. Photo: lemonde.fr

Senegalese music legend Thione Seck has joined the Ancestors. Seck, who first began his career in 1974 at 18 years old with the superstar house band Orchestra Baobab, has died at the age of 66 in Dakar, Senegal. With his career spanning an incredible five decades, he was instrumental in birthing the Mbalax sound - also famously associated with the music giant Youssou Ndour.

The most popular music of Senegal and Gambia; Mbalax is a fusion of Sabar rhythms (a Serer drum) and African diaspora genres such as Jazz, Soul, Latin, Rock and Rumba. It’s roots derive from Wolof and Serer traditional rhythms and spiritual practices, and have been developed into the powerful modern genre performed by Senegalese music legends such as Youssou Ndour, Pape Diouf, Viviane Chidid and Omar Pene.

After leaving Orchestra Baobab in 1979, Seck established the band Raam Daan, which together they went on to dominate the Senegalese and Gambian music world until his death in 2021. Here’s a few classics to celebrate the African giant that is Thione Seck.

Thione Seck & Orchestra Baobab - Mouhamadou Bamba

Thione Seck & Raam Daan

Thione Seck - Ballago


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