14 May 2021 

I SUPPORT BLACK WOMEN Launches ‘Black and Asian Feminist Perspectives on Immigration’, Salon. Watch it Here.

Watch the Black and Asian Feminist Perspectives on Immigration, here

On April 28th Black Discourse, in partnership with Off-White™, hosted “Black and Asian Feminist Perspectives on Immigration.” The salon marked Immigration Awareness month and Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage month in May, exploring Black and Asian feminist perspectives on immigration as radical interventions and strategies towards liberation.

It was the first salon to kick off the I SUPPORT BLACK WOMEN salon series and campaign, created by Trinice McNally, a Black queer feminist migrant, survivor, and activist, and Virgil Abloh, creative director and founder of Off-White™. The campaign aims to amplify and capture Black Women leaders of all identities (Transgender, Immigrant, Disabled, Fat, Queer, Working-Class), to share their work and why they have dedicated their life to social change.

The salon is cohosted by Trinice McNally and Jaimee Swift, Executive Director of Black Women Radicals, and features Salonee Bhaman, Julie Kim, and Tiffany Diane Tso; Co-Leaders of the Asian-American Feminist Collective and Nana Brantuo, Educator and Writer.

Black people, communities of color and queer, transgender, and gender expansive migrants are often overlooked in discussions on immigration.

At this contemporary moment, how do we center Black and Asian feminist perspectives on immigration?

How have U.S. immigration policies further catalyzed racial inequities and violence in our respective communities and diasporas?

At the intersections of race, gender, sexuality, class, and citizenship, who are the most impacted by anti-immigration policies and state and quotidian violence?

How can we continue to build cross-racial feminist solidarities so that Black, Asian, LGBTQ+, and disabled migrants are not left behind?

Hosted by Trinice McNally ‘Black and Asian Feminist Perspectives on Immigration’ explores historic and current strategies for Black and Asian solidarity in the U.S and globally.

The I SUPPORT BLACK WOMEN campaign also supports a fundraiser to open a physical location for the School for Black Feminist Politics, the Black feminist political education arm of Black Women Radicals, a Black feminist advocacy organization with a mission to uplift and center Black women and gender-expansive people’s radical activism in Africa and in the African Diaspora. 

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