7 March 2021 

'Black People Tell Black History' BHM Series

Ericka Hart

With Black History Month coming to an end in the US, don’t miss Sex Educator Ericka Hart’s brilliant Instagram series of talks that they curated to mark the month. Titled ‘Black People Tell Black History’ and archived on Hart’s IG TV, the series saw an exciting lineup of diverse guests delivering short talks ‘intended as a teach in, celebration of and invitation for Black people, by Black people to remember.’

Kicking off the series is Patience Sings with a history, performance and mini lecture on Negro Sprituals. The IG TV series focuses on some of the least centred experiences and conversations of Black individuals with talks by guests on topics such as being Black and disabled, dismantling colorism, featurism and texturism, Black trans histories and Black American sign language/s.

Ericka, who is themselves a queer non binary Sex Educator, has been a vital learning resource for their Black followers in their journeys through decolonizing Western informed ideas of race, gender, sex, bodies and relationships. Thankfully they’ve shared their platform to elevate these BHM conversations which can be found on their Instagram.


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