Welcome to the BLACK DISCOURSE.
Our new platform for enhanced learning.

BLACK DISCOURSE is a platform for discussions regarding our current and future state of affairs. It is a shared space for conversations, interactions and ideas and truths to be shared. Our aim is to elevate thinking, crystallise the movements, and galvanise our thoughts into real concepts. Mobilise into action and build into strategy.

We are primarily a visual content platform that will disseminate information that relates to the black experience, but that’s not all we are... we want to elevate conversations and viewpoints that will challenge the paradigm. We want to reignite the enthusiasm and curiosity that drives creativity but barely survives in the real world. We wish to help build, foster and bolster a new generation of entrepreneurs, creative thinkers, disrupters, healers and game changers.

We believe that the future of creative work has to be driven by a childlike curiosity, relentless enthusiasm and a consistent philosophy of discipline and self determination. We will be sharing information, news and all the cheat codes. We will build networks and unlock closed doors. We are not gatekeepers but builders, dismantling old systems of exchange, replacing it with new systems of sharing. We are ‘the BLACK DISCOURSE'.

BLACK DISCOURSE is a platform that uses oral tradition to short circuit access to knowledge with Black Masters for young BIPOC future creatives.


A Consul_Co project.
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