4 June 2021 

I SUPPORT BLACK WOMEN: ‘Everything You Wear is Political: Fashion & Black Feminist Politic’, Watch it Here

Watch Everything You Wear is Political: Fashion & Black Feminist Politic

Black Discourse and Off-White™ present the second “I Support Black Women” intimate salon, curated by Black Discourse. Bringing together Black creatives, artists, and activists, including guest speakers Virgil Abloh and Melody Ehsani; this conversation explores how art and activism collide. Everything You Wear is Political: Fashion & Black Feminist Politic imagines the possibilities of how these sectors can work together to build the solidarity we want and need to see.

Black people have always been at the vanguard of all things–and this includes activism, fashion, arts, and culture. How has the Black community crafted and forged our own artistic and cultural lane in a world that so often exploits, appropriates, and steals our unique style and aesthetic? What does Black resilience and refusal look like in fashion, arts, and culture?

Hosted by Trinice McNally with panelists: Virgil Abloh, Melody Ehsani, Jaimee Swift, Brianna Gibson, Keri Gray, JuJu Bae, Paris Hatcher, Aja Taylor and featuring musical performances by Indigo Mateo and Cleto Maréz - the salon interrogates and celebrates the intersections of fashion, arts, culture, and activism from a Black feminist lens.

The event is a part of the I SUPPORT BLACK WOMEN campaign created by Trinice McNally, Black Queer Feminist migrant, survivor, and activist and Virgil Abloh, creative director and founder of Off-White™ and hosted in collaboration with Black Discourse.

The I SUPPORT BLACK WOMEN campaign also supports a fundraiser to open a physical location for the School for Black Feminist Politics, the Black feminist political education arm of Black Women Radicals, a Black feminist advocacy organization with a mission to uplift and center Black women and gender-expansive people’s radical activism in Africa and in the African Diaspora.

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