Via NY African Film Festival:

The 28th New York African Film Festival is presented with Film at Lincoln Center (FLC), Maysles Cinema and African Film Festival, Inc. under the banner, “Notes From Home: Recurring Dreams & Women’s Voices.” You'll find over 70 films from more than 20 countries—each highlighting personal ambitions from the African continent and beyond. Programs in this edition present the many different “types of Africa”. It reflects the dynamism of “African-ness”, highlighting the ways in which we are all connected in cyclical dreams of hope and change and the voices of women who push the culture forward while preserving treasured traditions. NY African Film Festival spotlights the global Black community’s influence on our cultural pasts, present, and futures.

The festival takes place in FLC’s Virtual Cinema from February 4 to 14. Tickets are now available for pre-order here. The second leg of the festival will take place in the Maysles Virtual Cinema from February 18 to March 4 and the line-up will be announced soon.


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